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Welcome to the Primary 1 & 2 literacy club.

Dear Parent,

This course has been developed to share teaching strategies with you - the parents - and empower you to support and enhance your child's learning.

Your contribution on a daily basis can make all the difference to your child's attainment.

Reading is a complex, difficult process that involves many things including decoding words, relating it to personal experiences, having purposes for reading, and using skills and strategies to understand meaning. For very young readers, the process begins with issues such as learning sounds and concepts of print. The goal of successful reading is comprehension. Children need lots of opportunities to learn, practise, and use these skills. They have different strengths and needs.

Phonics teaching is an important component of the teaching of reading, but not all words in English are phonetically regular (the linguist David Crystal estimates 80% are, but the other 20% contains many of the most common words in English). For many very common words in English such as "come", "once", "was", "the", the best method for accuracy is to read them as "sight" words. These must be well known to ensure fluency in reading. We hope you become familiar with some strategies to help your child with phonics and with learning key words. We also hope you enjoy playing the games and working through activities with your child.

Yours sincerely,

EilĂ­s Mc Guinness

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