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School Meals

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Flu Vaccine  -  Thursday 17th November.  This year all pupils Primary 1 -7 will be offered the Flu Vaccine.  Letters will be distributed to each pupil over the next few weeks for parents to decide if they wish to avail of this.  Children will receive the vaccine through a nasal spray during the school day.


St. Anne’s Annual Grand Draw will take place on  Wednesday 26th October.  Top Prize of £1,000.   All cards must be returned by Friday 21st October.  Good Luck!


Rickety Wheel  -  Thursday 24th November 7.30 p.m.  Assembly Hall.


Open Evening & Santa  -  Thursday 1st December 5.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m.  We would encourage all prospective new parents to attend and bring their child.  You will have the opportunity to visit classrooms, chat to staff, hear the choir perform at 7.00 p.m. and sample some canteen food.



Health Promotion  -  Primary 3 - Primary 7

To ensure children have a healthy break St. Anne’s subsidise milk and fruit.  As a health promoting school only water/milk or fruit may be taken at breaktime.


Milk:   Primary 3 - 7 will cost £28 for the year £12 1st Term, £10 2nd Term, £6 3rd term.  This must be paid for before milk can be ordered.  Milk will begin on Monday 19th  September.  Primary 1 - 2 Snack costs £10 a term (For both fruit & Milk).


Fruit:  Primary 3 - 7 Fruit will begin on Monday 19th September and costs £18 per year.  £6 per term.  Children receive a banana, orange or apple each day.  Money should be sent into the class teacher.


Free School Meals:  If your child is entitled to free school meals and you have not applied you would need to do so as the school can only issue tickets to children  on the WELB list.  If you need an application form please collect one at the school office.  Paying dinners at the canteen will cost £2.50 for pupils this year.


Asthma  -  We keep an asthma register in St. Anne’s to ensure that staff are fully aware and able to meet each child’s needs.  If your child is diagnosed during the year please inform the school.  Spare inhalers are also kept in each classroom labelled with the child’s name.  Please complete the attached form and return to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.


First Communion date for St. Anne's for the coming year is Saturday 6th May 2017 at 11.30 a.m. in St. Eugene's Cathedral.



Congratulations to St. Anne's Pupils

Ulster Schools’ Swimming Championships


Nathan McFadden, Seamus Meenan and Liam Meenan represented  St. Anne’s in the Ulster Schools’ Swimming Championship held in Bangor on Saturday 15th October.  All three boys swam personal best times with Seamus taking 3rd place in the front crawl and little brother Liam picking up 3rd in the backstroke and becoming Ulster Champion in the breaststroke event.   Well done, we are very proud of you!


Congratulations to Ella

University of Ulster, Mental Health  Poster Competition.

 2nd Place 8 - 11 yrs   Ella Doherty




Congratulations to all our athletes who participated in the first cross country race of the season held at Thornhill on Friday 14th October.  



Breakfast Club

Breakfast club will be available from 8.00 a.m. Primary 4 - Primary 7 children will be on the playground (if dry) / assembly hall (if wet) from 8.30 a.m.

8.00 a.m. - 8.50 a.m. each day
Everyone attending the breakfast club receives a ticket worth 25p This means that any of the 50p specials below only cost 25p Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the first meal eaten after an all night fast. It provides the body with energy for the day ahead. Research shows that children who skip breakfast do not perform so well at school. Parents should encourage children to have an adequate breakfast in the morning. Suitable breakfasts are – breakfast cereals (preferably wholegrain, with no sugar added), boiled egg and toast, baked beans and toast etc. Alternatively you might like to encourage your child to come along to our Breakfast Club: This has proved to be very successful. If your child misses his/her breakfast at home send him/her to the Breakfast Club. Breakfast Club is not only for children. Everyone is Welcome!






Please encourage your child to bring water to school and ensure bottle is clearly labelled with their name.

Benefits of Water provision. Providing and promoting water:

· Creates a plentiful source of low cost refreshment throughout the day;
· Encourages good health and well being among pupils, staff and to her adults,
· Reduces tiredness, irritability and distraction from thirst,
· Can have a positive effect on pupils’ concentration throughout the day.


Tissues - Catch it! Bin it! Kill it!

In the interest of Hygiene please ensure your child has tissues
with them each day.